EXSELLme Immersion Training
English Language Stays In London and Alsace
Become a Confident Speaker in One Week-
Progress Guaranteed!
Your Immersion Week In London Includes:
  • Formal English Training: 40 hours (classroom teaching at Imperial College London and practicals, combined with one-to-one sessions)
  •  Practicals: London Tour, Museums, Shopping trips, Camden Market and Language Practicals all over London
  •  Full Immersion: formal sessions, walking tours, practicals out and about in London, all over London
  •  Accommodation: London Zone 1, en-suite (single room occupancy, private bathroom). Free day and night in London also included!
  •  Half-board: breakfast & packed lunches; Welcome Dinner or traditional Afternoon Tea
  •  Access to swimming pool, gym and spa facilities on site               
  •  BRIGHT test (optional)
Feel free to call us for more details: +33 603 477648
Find us on facebook LinkedIn and Instagram
*Call to book your spot and have a week to think it through - pay a week later
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for fun and insightful short videos on English grammar and vocabulary.
Over 9 500 students currently learning with EXSELLme!

Your All-Inclusive Language Stay in Alsace Includes:
  • Formal English Training: 40 hours
  • Immersion Training: formal sessions, walking tours, outdoor and indoor discussions, meal preparation, waiting on tables etc
  •  Accommodation: Sunday to Friday in a traditional manor house in the region of Alsace, formerly a three-star hotel
  •  Meals - and access to spa facilities                    
  •  BRIGHT test (optional)
Feel free to call us for more details: +33 603 477648
Find us on facebook LinkedIn and Instagram
*Eligible for CPF in France
Teasers from your upcoming EXSELLme language stay: 
  •  Which tense to use when talking about Michael Jackson: Present Perfect or Past Simple? And what about your boss?
  •  Why are 1984 bottles of whiskey more valuable than 1977 bottles of whiskey?
  •  What could help you live longer and better? What are the five ways to protect you and your family from air pollution? And more...
Here are some EXSELLme extras that our students find particularly helpful:
 Pietro, Italy: "I use EXSELLme materials online. There are videos, grammar and useful topics."

EXSELLme teaching materials
are available absolutely free of charge - either for self-study or sessions with your existing English coach. Feel free to use them at any stage of your language development. Here is the link to our free materials available 24/7 to you online: free EXSELLme teaching materials. Please use them regularly for best results. 
 Riccardo, Switzerland: "I really appreciated the first phone session. Free and very helpful. Other language centres don't do that for every student."

Complimentary Language Assessment is offered with every EXSELLme language stay booked. For every immersion training booked, you are entitled to one-hour language assessment over-the-phone or any media app of your choosing. As well as going through your language level assessment, this allows you to have some quality time with your EXSELLme English coach and is a perfect time to ask any burning questions about your upcoming EXSELLme language stay.  
Become a Confident Speaker in One Week-
Progress Guaranteed!
  • Sunday 7 April - Friday 12th April 2019 (Alsace)
  •  Saturday 6 July - Saturday 13 July 2019 (London)
  •  Saturday 13 July - Saturday 20 July 2019 (London)
  •  Saturday 20 July - Saturday 27 July 2019(London)
  •  Saturday 27 July - Saturday 3 August 2019(London)
Perfect Location
*Picturesque Alsace for EXSELLme All-Inclusive Language Stays: tucked away in the French countryside at the heart of the Vosges mountains.
*Beautiful Central London accommodation in Zone 1 for EXSELLme Full Immersion Language Stays in London.
  Open to all adult learners with English level A2 to C1
Comprehensive Curriculum
  •  Basic Grammar
  •  Oral Presentation and Group Discussions
  •  Business and Science Case Studies
  •  Language Practicals
Small Groups
Typically around 10 participants
Relaxed Settings
Spend a week in a traditional manor house in the region of Alsace or at the heart of London, working through English grammar and business case studies in formal seminars and on daily walks alike - with a choice of British cinema, language practicals and the spa facilities before turning in.

Experienced Teaching Team
  •   Varvara Babei has 15 years of international experience in Coaching, Teaching, Finance, Consulting, Talent Management and HR. Her academic credentials include: Economics degree (MA Cantab), Cambridge University, UK; Global Derivative Operations Analyst Bootcamp, Goldman Sachs, New York, USA; Investment Administration Qualification (IAQ), Securities & Investment Institute, London, UK; English as a Foreign Language for Dyslexic Learners Certificate, Lancaster University, UK. Varvara's additional experience includes empirical and theoretical research on multilingualism in children. Click here for some testimonials from Varvara's students.
  •  Guest Lecturers: EXSELLme programmes are proud to feature interventions from a number of guest lecturers and speakers from different walks of life including Business, Fashion, IT, Journalism, Politics, Religion, Science and Wellness. 
 Learn With The Best!
Special Deals
  • FREE Language Assessment: with every language stay booked in 2019 - in London and Alsace!
  •  Plus One in London for only € 400 a week! Based on double room occupancy with one of you on Full Immersion.
  •  Student € 50 OFF: for all existing EXSELLme students on any language stay in 2019!
  •  Alsace € 400 OFF: on all language stays in Alsace when you Bring a Friend! Based on double room occupancy.
DIF France
Remember to use up ALL your DIF hours via CPF 
before 01.01.2021. 
All DIF hours will be lost thereafter!
Over 9 500 students currently learning with EXSELLme!

And YOU?..
London Explorer
Accommodation, half-board, the London Bus Tour - all included!
  • Explore London at your own pace - no strings attached
  • Benefit from personalised advice from London specialists - daily morning chats
  • Access to the swimming pool and gym on site (daily fees apply)
  • Bring a Friend for only € 300 extra! Based on double room occupancy.

Full Immersion
"London Explorer" (Accommodation, half-board, the London Bus Tour) + Welcome Dinner / Afternoon Tea + 40 hours of English sessions
  • Become a confident speaker - progress guaranteed!
  • Daily classroom sessions and practicals all over London
  • Access to the swimming pool and gym on site (daily fees apply)
  • Bring your Plus One for only € 400 extra! Based on double room occupancy with one of you on Full Immersion.
  • Couples Special: € 3300 only for Full Immersion for two! 

All-Inclusive - Alsace
Accommodation, full-board, language sessions and practicals - all included!
  • Become a confident speaker - progress guaranteed!
  • Access to the spa facilities on site
  • Bring a Friend and get € 400 off! Based on double room occupancy.
Feel free to call us for more details: +33 603 477648
Find us on facebook LinkedIn and Instagram
* PLACES ARE LIMITED - Book early to avoid disappointment
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€300 only to Bring a Friend! Based on double room occupancy on London Explorer - €1700 only for both of you!
€400 only for your Plus One in London! Based on double room occupancy with one of you on Full Immersion: €2700 for both of you for a week!
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ONE TIME OFFER (EUR150): English BRIGHT test

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